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Safety First™ Products & Solutions

In the last 10 years, employee safety has come to the forefront. We support this movement. Governing bodies are expanding regulatory pressures and requirements and enforcing large fines for violators. Safety has been designed into our products and solutions since 1944, making Martin Engineering a leader in safety.

Martin Engineering provides a wide variety of safety products and accessories for protecting workers from hazards and risks. Backed by our Absolutely No Excuses Guarantee, every Martin product ensures optimum performance.

EVO® Impact Cradle EVO® Combination Cradle
  • Rugged cradle cushions high levels of loading impact.
  • Individual, short-length bars are ergonomic and absorb impact while minimizing belt friction.
  • Track-mounted to simplify installation and maintenance.
EVO® Support Cradle EVO® Slider Cradle
  • Stabilizes belt line to eliminate spillage and prevent entrapment.
  • Low-friction bars provide double-sided wear life.
  • Track-mounted to simplify installation and maintenance.
EVO® Return Roller EVO® Return Roller
  • Requires minimal rigging and heavy lifting.
  • Sliding track-mounted design reduces risk of injury and allows for quick and easy replacement.
  • Designed to allow for service from one side of the conveyor.
 EVO® External Wear Liner EVO® External Wear Liner
  • Installs outside the skirtboard to simplify installation and service.
  • Allows inspection and maintenance without confined space entry.
  • No open space between liner and seal to capture material.
 Martin® Blast Guard Martin® Thermo Safety Shield
  • Manual slide gate safety valve allows timely maintenance on air cannons in high-temperature processes without requiring the tank be dismounted.
  • Shelters workers from exposure to severe heat, gases and high-temperature material.
 Martin Twist Tensioner Martin® Twist™ Tensioner
  • Can be used on either pre-cleaners or secondary cleaners.
  • Twist the housing the specified number of notches (determined by belt width) and lock in place. If blades pull through, the tensioner’s coupling rolls over, releasing pressure and reducing the risk of harm.
Martin® SAF2™ Heavy Duty Cleaner Cartridge-Mount Secondary Cleaners (Martin® SQC2S™ Cleaner, Martin® DT2 Inline Cleaner, Martin® SAF2™ Cleaner)
  • Easy and safe cartridge removal procedure: remove pin, slide out cartridge, service and return.
  • Compact secondary belt cleaner design allows installation in close quarters; narrow profile resists material buildup.
 MARTIN Carryback Capture System Martin® Carryback Capture System
  • Allows for the addition of secondary and tertiary cleaners outside the head chute and returns removed carryback to the cargo stream.
  • Reduce worker risks and cleanup costs through the movement of carryback away from moving parts and confined spaces.
 Martin® Idler Aligner Martin® Idler Aligner
  • Handle and comb allow for course adjustment, while slots allow for finer tuning.
  • Eliminates the need to tie to idlers to surrounding structure.
  • Features a hole for padlock placement to restrict access.
 Martin® Inspection Doors  Martin® Inspection Doors
  • Inspection Doors feature a low profile that minimizes dust accumulation on the door and frame while providing a dust-tight seal.
  • It provides safe and secure entry to critical maintenance areas.
  • The handle of the door stands less than 2 inches (50 mm) above the enclosure wall, so there’s minimal “sill” area where material can accumulate.