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Marting Engineering USA

Martin Engineering was founded in 1944 and was originally headquartered in Kewanee, IL until 1954, when a new location was purchased nine miles outside of town in rural Neponset, IL, population 500.

While the Neponset facility represents both the roots and headquarters of Martin Engineering, the company’s USA division was created following a reorganization of the company in 2005.

Today, Martin Engineering's Neponset headquarters has expanded to occupy more than 152,000 square feet of floor space. The campus now includes sophisticated engineering, research and development, machining and urethane molding capabilities. An integrated computer system controls order entry, manufacturing, inventory and accounting. The Neponset facility is certified to the "world-class" ISO 9001 Quality Systems.

Martin USA employs over 200 people who work in both Neponset as well as throughout the U.S. and Canada. The primary industries focused on are mining, aggregate, cement production and coal-fired power as well as the Food Processing, Port & Transportation, Biomass, Pulp & Paper and Steel industries. Our field sales people work side-by-side with our service technicians to help sell, service, install and maintain our products - for the life of the products.

Martin employs multiple service teams to maintain and service clients bulk handling systems. Teams of service technicians ensure that our products are always in the best possible operating order and that our customer’s plants are pro-actively managed. Our technicians are highly trained in safety and product specific skills to ensure they do the job correctly and without incident.

Additionally, the Neponset facility houses a wide range of office-based support functions that assure Martin customers receive proper information, support and service, and that assist Martin manufacturing operations to achieve customer expectations.

Martin utilizes only the most modern machinery and techniques. Through our Lean Manufacturing philosophies, Martin has radically reduced customer lead times and inventory guaranteeing exceptional on-time delivery by utilizing just-in-time scheduling methods.

With the introduction of a laser cutting machine, quality has been guaranteed through repeatable components. These components are designed to exceed the challenging demands of the bulk materials handling industry. Considerable effort has gone into delivering consistent quality with a robust yet highly professional appearance. Repeatable component dimensions guarantee that products sold today can be serviced or repaired many years down the line.  

New conveyor products are either adapted from designs generated by the Center for Innovation, or are developed in-house to satisfy unique conditions or specific problems. New products undergo strenuous field testing in a variety of bulk materials handling industries guaranteeing that the product delivered to the customer will work first time, every time.

Where custom solutions (for example in transfer points) are required, Martin has an in-house design department able to develop solutions tailored to the particular problem, from customized clamps to entire transfer points.

Martin maintains a high standard for our expansive distributor network and employs specialist who handle all OEM customers. In conjunction with this, a dedicated internal sales team is available for quoting and order placement.

A state of the art manufacturing facility and highly trained service personnel help Martin maintain its reputation for quality products and excellent service. Through attention to detail, focus on service and by employing the best people in the industry, Martin continues to be the leader in making bulk materials handling cleaner, safer and more productive.