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From: Bernd Stolze
Sent: 02.08.12

IBS lndustriemaschinen-
Bergbau-Service GmbH
Herrn Dieter Link
lndustriestr. 15
97653 Bischofsheim/Rhön


Product Review

We have been continuously using the PDC conveyor cleaner system – manufactured by IBS in Bischofsheim – at our Kasendorf plant for more than six months. In our opinion, the cleaning result of this pre cleaner is excellent. There is absolutely no need to use an additional bottom belt cleaner.

The effort involved in maintenance and control is insignificant. After the introductory phase, the system was adjusted by IBS to our special requirements; since then, it has been working without the need for testing or adjustments.

We did not have to make use of periodic service and maintenance appointments by IBS.

We will install this system on additional conveyor systems; we are convinced that it provides high degrees of reliability and cleanliness, as well as cost reductions (no wear on the conveyor belt).

Friendly greetings,

Johann Bergmann GmbH & Co.
Bernd Stolze

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