QB1™ Cleaner HD

The Martin® QB1™ Cleaner HD is a patented new evolution in belt cleaner technology designed to help your operation achieve a higher level of productivity while simultaneously reducing costs! It is guaranteed to provide you with the highest performance and the lowest cost of ownership of any urethane precleaner.

  • Manufactured with Martin’s unique Constant Angle Radial Pressure (CARP) technology, its curved blade simply cleans the belt better, minimizing carryback
  • Martin’s new patented blade design maintains consistent contact with the belt and constant belt cleaning pressure as it wears, so its effective cleaning performances lasts longer
  • Martin re-engineered the manufacturing process, streamlining it to be faster and more efficient, which means your cost to purchase is lower
  • The overall cost of maintenance is much less because the blades last longer 
  • Manufactured with the strongest mainframe in the industry
  • Martin will install your new QB1™ mainframe free of charge to replace any existing Primary Belt Cleaner manufactured anywhere in the world

Martin® QB1™ Cleaners are ideally suited for situations where price-sensitivity is a significant concern. The cleaners definitely get the job done and help immediately add to the bottom line, making them perfectly suited for use in coal-fired power plants, quarries, batch plants, etc. Ask us about the results other companies around the world are seeing, such as this coal-fired power plant in India.

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  • Manufactured at several Martin facilities around the world, so it can usually ship within 24 hours
  • Available in lengths ranging from 18 inches (457 mm) to 96 inches (2,438 mm), so it can be fitted to almost any conveyor system
  • Available in 10-foot (3.05-meter) segments, which allows customers or distributors to keep the full sections in stock and cut to precise lengths
  • Uses less urethane throughout the life of the blade, so less urethane ends up in landfills, making it a “greener” product
  • Manufactured from steel, not aluminum, so it can be used for all applications, including underground operations
  • The urethane of the blade is manufactured at Martin using proprietary equipment that ensures the highest quality possible and consistency worldwide

Our technicians and engineers are available to provide expert advice and assistance on this product and all of your bulk material handling questions and problems. Please contact us today and let us help!

Product Specifications

Belt Width Up to 96 in (up to 2400 mm)
Belt Speed Up to 900 fpm (up to 4.6 m/s)
Pulley Diameter 16-22 in (400-500 mm)
Temperature Between -30 degrees F and 180 degrees F
Corrosive Conditions YES
Underground Applications YES
Compatible with Reversing Belts or Roll Backs YES
Accommodates Mechanical Splices YES


Brochure - Belt Cleaning Solutions Download
Operator Manual - QB1™ Cleaner HD Download
Tech Data Sheet - QB1™ Cleaner HD Download
Drawing - QB1™ Cleaner HD with Dual Spring Tensioner & 9 x 12 Steel Door Download
Drawing - QB1™ Cleaner HD with Spring Tensioner & 9 x 12 Steel Door Download
Drawing - QB1™ Cleaner HD with Dual Twist Tensioner & 9 x 12 Steel Door Download
Drawing - QB1™ Cleaner HD with Twist Tensioner & 9 x 12 Steel Door Download
Drawing - QB1™ Cleaner HD with Twist Tensioner & Dual QC™ Secondary Tensioners Download

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New Belt Cleaner Saves 24 Hours Per Week In Cleanup Time
An aggregate facility handles 1.5 million tons of limestone per year. After experiencing excessive carryback on their existing conveyors, they wanted to make sure to address the issue when adding a new conveyor. The plant spent 16 to 24 hours per week cleaning up. There was also excessive damage to the conveyors.
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Power Plant Challenged By Dust, Spillage And Carryback
A coal-fired power plant in India was facing serious problems from dust, spillage and carryback on one of its 60 conveyors, which handles 5,000 tons per hour of bulk material. The condition became so severe that the fugitive material was posing a safety hazard, requiring personnel to work in close proximity to the moving conveyor, creating another potential risk.
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Sand Plant Experiences Spillage And Carryback Before Martin Steps In
Handling an abundance of sand every year, the plant had little time or resources to spend on inefficiency. Due to the lack of proper belt cleaning, spillage and carryback were present throughout the entire plant, leading to immense material loss. MSHA mandated corrective action be taken towards containment and collection to cut the amount of dust in half.
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“The cleanest conveyor in the plant!”

- Plant Manager, Hanson Aggregates Facility

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We are so confident in the performance of our belt cleaners that we proudly offer the industry's first Forever Belt Cleaner Guarantee, an exclusive offer available for current genuine Martin® replacement blade customers. We will provide Martin® replacement tensioners and mainframes for any belt cleaner assemblies as required – whether the ones we're replacing were manufactured by us or not – absolutely free of charge for as long as we have a service relationship including FREE blade installation, tensioning and hardware upgrades, helping to maintain maximum performance and keeping your belt cleaning system running in like new condition – FOREVER!

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