Multi Valve Air Cannon

Using a single air tank with up to five independent valves, the Martin® Multi Valve Air Cannon improves flow at five discharge points.

Features and Benefits:

  • Five independent valves housed within a single 60-gallon tank allow for five application points sourced from a single reservoir
  • Has the ability to fire more than one valve at once
  • No need to hang air tanks high on vessel walls. Air is carried from the central reservoir through flex hoses or steel pipe to the discharge point
  • Centralized location removes working components from exposure to high temperatures and process dust
  • Even if one valve requires service, the multiple-valve system continues to function in nearly all cases

Application Guidelines: 

  • For use wherever traditional single-valve/tank assemblies are installed
  • Provides flexibility ideal for hard-to-reach applications and where space is limited 

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Tech Data Sheet - Multi Valve Air Cannon Download
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