Martin® Roll Gen™ System

Self-contained, mini 24-Volt DC power station that generates enough power to run a wide variety of electronic systems and safety mechanisms:

  • Compressor for Air Tensioner
  • Activation of Water Supply to Wash Box
  • LED Lighting
  • Initiation of Spray Bars
  • Reversing Tracker Switching Mechanism
  • Firing of an Air Cannon
  • Many Other Applications…
Roll Gen Center Roll
Martin® Roll Gen™ System is available in different configurations to suit your needs.

Using kinetic energy from a moving conveyor belt, the Martin® Roll Gen™ eliminates power production obstacles in remote locations.

 Martin® Roll Gen System* consists of:

  • Martin® Roll Generator (3-Year Warranty) coupled with either:
    •  Martin® Roll Gen Power Supply
    •  Martin® Roll Gen Continuous Power Supply

* Mounted on Trac-Mount™ Idler Frame

Roll Gen Graph


Roll Gen™ System Flier Download
Roll Gen™ System Specifications Sheet Download
Reversing Tracker with Roll Generator - Sales Drawing Download
Center Mounted Roll Generator - Sales Drawing Download
Wing Mounted Roll Generator - Sales Drawing Download
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