For over 65 years Martin worldwide has been committed to helping mining companies with the maintenance of their bulk material handling systems. Our mandate continues to be to deliver cleaner, safer and more productive movement of bulk solids through our ongoing development of engineered components, equipment and systems.

Our equipment is utilized on belt conveyors at transfer points to greatly reduce dust and material spillage providing a cleaner and safer work area for maintenance and operations personnel.

Our patented belt cleaners and conveyor components reduce or eliminate material carryback on belt conveyors, resulting in fewer man-hours for cleanup, which means a more productive belt-conveyor system!

Cleaner, safer belt conveyor systems always give a more productive and profitable result.

At Martin, we are committed to helping young people succeed in the development and success of a career. We are also very interested in helping grow the mining, natural resource and power industries in Campbell County and retaining young people in the community.

Campbell County High School



Campbell County High School

Campbell County School District

Amount: One $1,000. and one $3,000.
Number Offered: Two awards, additional awards possible
Application Type: General
Deadline: February 26, 2015
Selection By: Martin Gillette Scholarship Committee
Parent’s employment must involve bulk material handling systems; student must be resident of Campbell County; student must attend any college, university or trade school that will prepare the student for a career in mining or power production; and student must submit the required essay.
*Applications will NOT be considered without submission of the required essay.

Essay Content
Martin worldwide is committed to helping mining and power generation companies with the maintenance of their belt conveyor systems. Our mission is to provide customers with cleaner, safer and more productive bulk material handling systems.

Essays will be selected based upon the quality and completeness of the answer to the question. (Go to for helpful information.)

Essay length: Approximately 1000 words.

Answer only one of the two questions listed below:

     1. Coal Industry: What is its role in the future of energy in the United States, and how can it be improved?
     2. What are some of the drawbacks for the coal industry in the future in the United States, and in what ways can they be overcome?

Please submit a hardcopy as well as an electronic copy of your essay to Ms. Carmen Heer, Scholarship Coordinator, Campbell County High School Counseling Department. All winning essays will be chosen by the Martin Gillette Scholarship Committee.