Martin® Introduces Farside Tension Adjuster

Published: June 15th 2012

Martin Farside Tension Adjuster[Neponset, IL] – A world leader in bulk materials handling has introduced a new belt cleaner mount to help ensure that maintenance of hard-to-reach secondary conveyor belt cleaners is fast, simple and safe. Engineered for durability and ease of operation with its straightforward design, the Farside Tension Adjuster provides a quick and easy method for adjusting secondary cleaners in locations with limited access.

To help reduce potential risks, engineers designed the mount so workers are able to fine-tune blade alignment and pressure without having to climb over belts or rely on other hazardous methods to reach the far side. “This new mount design grew from a company-wide focus on safety and productivity,” explained Product Manager Chris Schmelzer. “In every new design, we challenge our engineers to re-think the conventional approach and look for the details that can be improved. If we can help reduce maintenance hours and improve conveyor safety at the same time, that brings significant benefit to our customers.”

The Martin® Farside Tension Adjuster is the only device of its kind to feature mechanical operation, requiring no pneumatic controls. The design uses miter gears and a right angle drive to maintain a 1:1 tensioning ratio, allowing all tension settings to remain unchanged during service. The unit comes completely covered and pre-assembled, and the retrofit model allows customers to reuse the existing spindle and tensioning block.

Initially targeted to secondary belt cleaning applications, the new adjustment feature will be available on the QC2™ and SQCS2™ belt cleaners. The QC2™ combines a unique teardrop-shaped blade and linear spring tensioners for effective cleaning performance, and is the first secondary cleaner to feature one-pin blade replacement. The SQCS2™ incorporates individually-cushioned tungsten carbide blades for effective cleaning without risk of damage to the belt, splice or blade, cushioning impact while maintaining cleaning pressure.