See What Delighted Customers Have To Say About our Mr. Blade® Program.

So far the blade program has been great from my prospective. With all of the everyday operations going on, being in the blade program and having an automatic monthly visit to inspect the scrapers for the conveyors, it is one less thing that I have to keep up with. That type of thing can be easily overlooked while battling all of the other everyday issues that may arise. If an issue comes about with any of the scrapers, it’s also nice knowing that I have a LOCAL contact/technician that is a phone call away and that knows my facility. Wes has proven himself, dependable and hardworking. I appreciate the Mr. Blade program now that I have local technician that visits monthly. Having a dedicated technician is the main reason why recent purchases have increased.

Travis Hartless
Kinder Morgan, Port Arther, TX

The benefits of having this program for me is the service is awesome! Kyle and his team are always around checking on our equipment and making sure our primary and secondary scrapers are in good shape, the team has very good communication with me and other management personal onsite, also always getting us parts when we are in need of them. I would recommend this service to any mine site.

Sid Frankum
Vulcan Materials Company, Laveen, AZ

I would like to express my views concerning Brandon Willett as he has been calling upon my locations to inquire of any needs or assistance that may be needed with Martin Engineering’s Belt Scrapers that have been installed. In dealing with Brandon as he has stepped into the role of Sales/Service, he is very knowledgeable and straightforward in the presenting of the available products offered and working at matching the product to the area of concern. Brandon is a valuable asset to Martin Engineering in my opinion as I have gotten to know him and his work ethics. He is very professional and accessible when needed with my latest purchases of scrapers and installation and makes follow-up calls to check on the performance of the product.

Roger Ramey
Martin Marietta

Donnie Cissell has been coming to my plant and checking and replacing scrapers for almost a year now he is thorough, and since coming here it has cut back on an abundance of clean up. I’m very satisfied with the products and the support of your team.

Rodney Isaacs
Rogers Group

When I am asked about the Mr. Bade program I think of superior products, best in customer service and they stand behind their product's and they get you what you need.

Del Huckaba
Rogers Group

The Mr. Blade Program has been successful at Ash Grove CRH plant. The Chanute plant is a larger plant, by incorporating the Mr. Blade Program into our routine maintenance planning it has allowed us to free up our maintenance crew to work on other maintenance issues, therefore our production has increased. Rich has guided us to better implement support systems on the belt lines. This program has allowed us to have a cleaner belt line and solve tracking issues for us.

Danny Wolken, Jr.
Ash Grove, Chanute, KS

I would and have recommended the Mr Blade program to anyone. It has taken a huge burden off my plate, always worrying about our cleaners/scrapers and if they were installed or tensioned correctly. When Mr Blade program was introduced, I immediately knew we had to get on-board. We updated several of our outdated scrapers and replaced with Martin’s. The service/walk-around check we receive every 4-6 weeks, along with the report, puts my mind at ease that everything has been checked, tensioned and repaired properly. Our maintenance staff here lacks the knowledge on how to properly install and tension scrapers, therefore harming a belt could cost us a lot of $$$, this program takes that burden away. The verbal and written reports inform me of when a scraper is close to needing replaced and then the service has been top notch and personnel always willing to help, answer questions and perform the work necessary, timely and safely.

Stanton Schauff
MidAmerican, Neal Energy Center - South

Here at Midsouth Aggregates, we take pride on two things at our quarry. Pride in both quality and the efficiency in the products that we provide for our customers. We would not be able to maintain this high level of efficiency without the use of Martin Engineering and their Blade Service programs. With their service, we have significantly seen a decrease in down time with their new line of products. With 24/7 belt cleaner health reports, we can now be proactive instead of reactive on changing a belt cleaner. This preventative maintenance program provides us with comfort in knowing that the belt cleaner will be replaced before the waste begins to spill, leaving a dangerous work place for our employees. Along with high quality products, Martin Engineering also provides us with high quality service and availability. We know that we can count on their technicians on coming out immediately and getting the job done in a timely manner. We send our thanks to Martin Engineering for providing us with support  to maintain our quality and efficiency products to our customers.

John Allen
Midsouth Aggregates - Warren County Quarry

I wan to share how much Martin products and service have helped with the reduction in industrial cleaning and downtime in our Lhoist Montevallo Plant and Brierfield Quarry.  Since joining the Lhoist team one year ago, I have been tasked with reducing overheads by integrating sustainable improvements throughout the plant.  Working with Brandon Willet and the Martin Engineering team while at Unimin and Covia, I know your products, Mr Blade Services, and your commitment to customer service were the way to go.  This type of customer service and quality products are what enabled Brandon and Shane Tighe to be able to get into Martin's first Lhoist facility in Alabama.  I have since used Martin products and services as a key component to our reduction in overheads; industrial cleaning, maintenance downtime for buildup on conveyors, and Brandon helping maintain the cleaners.  With all this in mind, I wanted to thank Brandon for his help and commitment and to Shane for coming in and letting us know what additional services Martin had to offer.  With this kind of service or commitment that will lead to increased orders and plant exposure for Brandon and the Martin team.  Thanks again.

Chanse Guin
Lhoist - Montevallo Plant and Brierfield Quarry

Since installing Martin scrapers at key locations on our plant, we have substantially reduced downtime due to carry back in those areas. Not only do the scrapers work great, Martin’s service tech does a great job keeping them in good working condition, on a routine basis, so we can focus on other maintenance items on our down days. I feel having Martin scrapers along with great field service has been very beneficial to our operation.

Caleb Vernon
Mulzer Crushed Stone, Tell City, IN

Since we started using Martin for our belt cleaning needs, our labor hours are no longer focused on clean up but rather in areas that add value.  The Tech is knowledgeable and flexible with our schedule. The product works well and is easy to install and maintain.  Overall we are satisfied with the service and products that Martin provides for us here at Vulcan in Augusta Ga.

Rusty Finley
Vulcan Materials - Augusta Quarry, GA

I just want to say thank you for everything Wayne Newsome and Martin Engineering has done for the Appling team. Since we have started using the program we have cut down on clean up in all the plants. It has definitely helped make the plant a cleaner and SAFER place for the Appling employees. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

Josh McCorkle
Martin Marietta - Appling Quarry, Grovetown, GA

In my opinion the Mr. Blade program has been a great addition to Nelson plant and we have been very satisfied with the service. The Martin team has provided much needed expertise and knowledge as well as timely quotes on all products. I look forward to continuing the relationship with Martin and the Mr. Blade program for many years to come.   

Jim Benson  
Lhoist North America - Nelson Plant

Mr. Blade has definitely helped my operations with carryback issues. Since starting the program, over 2 years ago, we have seen an improvement in the overall appearance of the plants. The cleaners perform well, and the service is top-notch. Jeremy is very knowledgeable and explains things well. I really like his straightforward approach and the fact that he calls in advance to let us know when he's coming. I appreciate all Jeremy does for us.

Brandon Decker
Castle Hayne and Leland Rail Yard

Carmeuse Calcite has been in the Martin Engineering Mr. Blade Program for the past 3-4 years. This is a successful program for the Calcite plant. Prior to the program, we struggled to install scrapers properly, thus resulting in money wasted and replacing wear components more often. The Martin guys work with our employees to install, teach, and replace blades as needed. This greatly helps our operation by limiting the amount of cleanup we were previously doing, putting the material in the stockpiles rather than in hard to get places for cleanup and giving us more time to do preventative maintenance. Martin products in my opinion are great and the techs that come to my site are great. These guys work around our schedule to make sure the scrapers are adjusted properly and blades changed as need.

Steve Meyer
Carmeuse Americas - Calcite Operation, Rogers City, MI

I’m all-in with the Mr. Blade service program. No one else can compete with this offering. We can’t afford to not take advantage of it.

Plant manager from Stockbridge, GA

I’m very impressed with the program’s reporting, proposed solutions, and results so far. Other manufactures only offer equipment quotes.

Bart from Georgia

This new program is worth listening to. I’d be dumb not to try it.

Johnny C. from Austin, TX

We see a huge difference in the appearance of our plants and spend much less time on cleanup.

Maintenance group from GA, SC, and AL

I’m very pleased with Mr. Blade’s visits to my plants. During the last visit, their outside the box thinking made my off-brand belt cleaner operational in a pinch.

Todd R. from Elizabethon, TN

The Mr. Blade agreement is one of the best agreements we have ever implemented in our company!

Corporate sourcing manager from Tennessee

We see a noticeable difference in plant cleanliness since enrolling in the Mr. Blade program.

Chris M. from Kentucky

The Mr. Blade Program saves us time and money.

Ricky B. from Tennessee

This is the cleanest I have ever seen C1 conveyor in my entire time working in the plant.

Plant foreman from Tennessee

Mr. Blade’s adjustments to the wipers have shown great improvement in the amount of carryover and cleanup.

John W. from Arkansas

We used to shutdown at 4:30pm and clean up until 7pm. Now that Mr. Blade is servicing the plant, cleanup is done by 5:30pm. We save time and money. But most importantly, we are home earlier and enjoy more time with our families.

Derrick M. from Alabama

This unique Mr. Blade program is amazing!

Matt B. from Texas

We’ve been running just 30 hours since our first Mr. Blade visit and I can’t believe the reduction in cleanup time!

Production manager from Alabama

The Mr. Blade program frees up my guys to work on other repairs to keep the plant running smoothly.

Tom Y. from Tennessee

We are excited about the Mr. Blade program and the factory direct service it provides!

Plant supervisor from South Carolina

Monthly visits – no charge, inspections and reporting – no charge, I just pay for the blades I use.

Plant foreman from North Carolina

I thought Martin products would be too expensive for my plant. Turns out I can’t afford not to be a part of the Mr. Blade program.

Brian L. from North Carolina