Eliminate the risk of inhalation and explosion caused by fugitive dust!

At Martin Engineering, we take dust seriously! In addition to causing health issues when inhaled, it can ignite and explode under the right circumstances. Our dust management solutions are the most effective in the business. We offer filtration products that pull airborne dust out of the air and return it safely to the material stream. We also manufacture equipment that contains dust at the source and provide solutions that suppress dust after it’s in the air.

Once it’s airborne, fugitive dust gets everywhere. At an outdoor operation, it can travel long distances if the wind is blowing. It works its way into the tiniest spaces, including places where it can damage equipment and electronics. Keeping dust under control delivers multiple benefits, including:

  • Less material loss - When dust escapes the material flow, that means it’s not being sold for a profit, so keeping it under control boosts profitability.
  • Healthier work conditions - When respirable dust gets in the air, it can end up in the lungs of workers, causing a wide range of health problems.
  • Zero risk of explosion - While dust explosions are usually associated with coal mining, any type of uncontained dust can ignite under the right circumstances.
  • Less time spent on cleanup and maintenance - When fugitive dust settles, it can accumulate on the floor or even inside equipment and electronics, causing unscheduled downtime to clean up the mess and maintain equipment.
  • Better environmental compliance - At outdoor operations, like strip mines, runaway dust can infiltrate lakes, rivers and other environmentally sensitive areas.

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