Put the sledgehammer away for good when you install a piston vibrator to keep bulk materials flowing efficiently.

Hammer Rash!! If this looks familiar to you, give us a call!

The age-old practice of beating on the side of a container with a hammer to get material moving is no longer necessary with industrial vibration. In fact, Martin Engineering manufactures a line of piston vibrators that closely mimic the action of a hammer blow for truck beds, railcars, hoppers and bins. Ideal for stubborn flow problems while eliminating "hammer rash!"

However, the repeated use of  a sledgehammer causes structural damage to the bin wall. Over time, the bin wall will need to be replaced. Another drawback to using a sledgehammer is the potential for employee injury. Sledgehammers are typically heavy and swinging them repeatedly can create the opportunity for back injury. Lastly, each blow to the bin wall with a sledgehammer creates a dent, which then becomes a shelf, trapping more material and making the flow problems more frequent and harder to remove.

Piston vibrators are also an economical solution that requires minimal maintenance or lubrication when powered by filtered compressed air.

Consistent Material Flow = Higher Profits!

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