Remove buildup, recover lost material, maximize flow and get back lost storage capacity in your silos. 

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Drill it! Whip it! Bust it! Rid silos and containers of compacted material obstructions thoroughly and without damaging container walls.

Over time, as bulk materials get more compacted inside silos and large containers, it often becomes necessary to knock buildup off of interior walls and break up accumulations of material that has become bound together in clumps. Signs that a silo needs internal cleaning include material discharging from the container in chunks, as well as the need for more frequent fill cycles, which happens because the silo is not emptying thoroughly. Buildup inside a silo can also cause off-center loading, which can potentially damage the equipment because it creates non-uniform pressure on the interior walls.

With Martin® Silo Cleaning, available only from Martin Engineering, we provide all the equipment and crew needed to break down obstructions and get material flowing at optimum efficiency and regain live storage capacity. Depending on the type of container and the material it’s storing, our crew has several solutions at its disposal so they can attack the problem from several different angles. Plus, in many cases, operations can continue without shutting down for cleaning.

To learn more about the benefits and to find out if our professional Martin® Silo Cleaning Service is right for you, talk to one of our experts. We’re standing ready to listen to you describe your operation and offer recommendations on how to get your silos back to peak capacity. Our technicians and engineers are available to provide expert advice and assistance on all of your bulk material handling questions and problems.

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