TCI Uses Martin Cleaners in Portable Conveyors

Published: July 1st 2013

[Walnut, IL] – An innovative Midwest manufacturer is specifying high-efficiency belt cleaners for its standard and custom-designed conveyors, delivering premium performance and longevity, even in difficult service environments. TCI Manufacturing and Equipment includes one or more belt cleaners from Martin Engineering on every model in its broad line of stacking conveyors, transfer conveyors, barge loaders, trippers and floating conveyors, as well as specially-engineered designs. 

“We have a reputation for durable, high-quality equipment, and we apply that mindset to all components,” explained TCI President Mike Maynard. “We specify Martin Engineering belt cleaners to deliver reliable and efficient cleaning over a long service life, and our customers appreciate the easy removal and replacement when it comes time for maintenance,” he observed.

TCI has been supplying Martin Engineering belt cleaners as OEM equipment for more than a decade. Regardless of the type or size of the conveyor, TCI equips all of its models with the Martin® PV Cleaner as a primary cleaning blade. The durable, one-piece construction contains approximately 20 percent more urethane than comparable primary cleaners, yielding a better life and longer service intervals, despite challenging service conditions. The aggressive design is able to remove even wet, sticky sand from belts 18-72 inches (450-1800 mm) wide. 

Engineered to simplify maintenance and reduce costs, the mounting system delivers “no-tool” replacement, as the blades are simply dropped into place and secured with a wire lock pin. “This cleaner uses an aggressive angle of attack to the belt for improved cleaning efficiency,” explained Martin Engineering Senior Product Specialist Dave Mueller. “And the quick-replacement feature means never having to deal with corroded bolts or damaged fasteners during blade changes.” 

The Martin® PV Cleaner can be outfitted with a number of different urethane blades to suit specific operating conditions, including high temperatures or chemical/solvent exposure, as well as a low-adhesion formulation for tacky materials. They feature the company’s patented Constant Angle Radial Pressure (CARP) design for consistent cleaning throughout all stages of blade life. The specially-engineered curved blade maintains the same contact angle, even as the belt wears, helping to retain cleaning efficiency.