Martin Europe Hits Top 100 In “Great Place To Work” List

Published: April 15th 2015

We Did It!

It has taken two years, but Martin Engineering Europe --with divisions in Italy, Britain, France, Spain, Turkey and headquartered in Walluf, Germany -- has made it into the top 100 on the list of Great Places to Work in Europe amongst companies with 500 employees or more! Announced at a gala held in Berlin, Germany on March 4th, 2015, the company was awarded the 55th position in a field of 600 participants.

In attendance to represent Martin Engineering were Michael Hengl, Europe Managing Director, Melanie Scholz, Europe HR Manager, Tanja Kosinski, HR Specialist in Germany and Lukas Bitz, Branch Manager in Germany. The award was presented by Great Place To Work®, a global human resources consulting, research and training firm and provider of the famous “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For” list. According to Hengl, although many programs and policies were cited for the company’s placement, it was the employees who helped solidify the firm’s place through their dedication and positive participation.

The institute issues employee surveys and uses its HR tools to assess existing company work cultures. Great Place to Work’s research and “Best Companies” recognition programs can be found in 45 countries on six continents, representing over 10 million employee voices. Out of the 600 companies included in the latest survey, Martin employees had an exemplary 86% participation rate in the study, compared to the 72% average.

According to Scholz, many standout programs helped elevated Martin Engineering in the ranks. For example, the company’s transparent information policy -- presented annually to employees -- includes organizational updates on the current fiscal year and company growth projections.  In addition, the information sharing policy allows employees from all departments to inform their colleagues of departmental successes, processes and meeting changes.  Also contributing was the employer-financed Martin CAMP program invites children of employees in Europe to a cultural exchange for a week in the United States.

The entire Martin organization extends congratulations to the European group, which led the campaign.  Investing in a strong and supportive company culture throughout all divisions has been a priority for the firm since its global expansion in the 1960s.  This achievement confirms that employees are enjoying the dividends of their efforts and helping Martin Engineering become a more vibrant company, with increasingly innovative products and satisfying professional relationships.

For 25 years, Great Place to Work has surveyed millions of employees and consulted with more than 6,000 companies to develop its methods of building trust between executives, managers and staff.  The organization’s techniques include promoting positive relations at the workplace on the basis of trust, pride and team spirit:

  • Trust in people you work with.
  • Pride in what you do.
  • Pleasure in collaborating with colleagues.

The institute is based on a straightforward approach. Employees who trust their managers give their best work freely, and their extra effort benefits the company’s bottom line. Managers who trust their employees allow innovative ideas to surface from all levels of the company. Employees who trust each other report a sense of camaraderie and even the feeling of being part of a family. Together they deliver far more than the sum of their individual efforts. The selection of the European Division for the list demonstrates Martin’s dedication to the advancement of the workplace environment and employee satisfaction. This is expressed in the quality of work and level of expertise that our employees exhibit every day.

Congratulations Martin Engineering Europe!