Conveyor Retrofit Reduces Dust & Spillage
Customer Kazan Soda Elektrik Uretim A.S., Ankara, Turkey


Kazan Soda Elektrik Uretim A.S., located in Ankara in Central Turkey, processes 2.5 mil tonnes (2.76 mil tons) of dense soda ash and 200,000 tonnes (220,500 tons) of sodium carbonate annually. Conveyed on a 1000mm (39 in.) wide belt, the light chalky substance is at a temperature of 50º-60º C (122º-140º F), creating large amounts of dust and spillage. The main transfer point lacked adequate sealing and belt support, leading to excessive spillage and airborne dust emissions. Moreover, the single primary cleaner at the discharge zone was not fully clearing the belt, causing carryback and dust to be loosened along the belt's entire return path. To improve safety and efficiency, managers sought to update the system.


Representatives from Martin Engineering Turkey examined the area to offer a solution. In the transfer point, technicians installed a Martin® Impact Cradle, ApronSeal™ Skirting, and a Torsion Arm V-Plow. The cradle has smooth energy-absorbing impact bars in a sealed enclosure, rather than rollers, reducing dust. The plow system cleared fugitive material from the return side of the belt. At the discharge zone, the old equipment was replaced by a QC1 HD Primary Cleaner with Twist Tensioner, a secondary Brush Cleaner, a Vibrating Dribble Chute, and Upper & Lower Belt Trackers™. The primary cleaner's modern curved design cleared the belt while the brush dislodged fines from cracks. The trackers kept the belt in line and the dribble chute ensured flow.


The retrofitted redesign drastically reduced the amount of airborne dust and spillage around the transfer point. Operators report there was a considerable improvement after the transfer point products were installed. This made the area safer to work in and reduced the amount of labor needed for cleanup. Now, the conveyor is cleaner, safer, and more productive. "That is the most effective conveyor project we've ever had," said an operator close to the project. "We are going to replicate it on other conveyors once we've secured the budget." Martin continues to work with Kazan Soda Elektrik Uretim A.S. on other projects.