Surfactant Dust System Improves Employee Safety At Copper Mine
Product Types Used Dust Management and Containment Solutions
Solutions Ongoing Maintenance
Industry Mining
Customer Copper Mine in Arizona (Excessive Dust)


The Martin Surfactant Dust System sprays the area around material with a fog, capturing airborne dust.

An open-pit copper and molybdenum mining complex located near Tucson, Arizona was experiencing excessive dust problems. Previously, a drop chute was installed along a conveyor belt between the Crushing Plant and the Mill Plant. Dust was rolling off the conveyor belt causing both an exposure to employees’ health and a tripping hazard along the walkway adjacent to the belt. Not only did the dust problem increase labor cost, due to cleanup but it was creating a potentially long-term dust exposure issue for employees.


The system provides reduced cleanup costs, fewer equipment failures and regulatory problems.

After surveying the conveyor belt, Martin recommended the installation of a fogger spray system along the drop chute. The Martin® Surfactant Dust System applies water in the form of fog, spray or both. The actual details of the water application are customized for each customer based on their specific environment and application. This unit included six nozzles.

A Dust Control Unit was installed at the secondary crusher building, and a portion of the water and air are directed to the belt experiencing these dusting issues. At this specific location a control box monitors and maintains a constant water and air pressure to the spray nozzles.


Spray nozzles release water and dampen the material, preventing the creation of dust.

To ensure the customer’s satisfaction, Martin also provides a weekly service contract that maintains the spray unit. The Martin® Surfactant Dust System has shown immediate results by containing fugitive materials and decreasing production lost to manually clean the area.


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