Martin® Impact Cradles Boost Steel Production From 15% to 100%
Products Used Trac-Mount™ Idler
Product Types Used Transfer Point Solutions , Belt Support
Solutions Installation
Industry Steel
Customer Altos Hornos de Mexico; Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico


Altos Hornos de Mexico, S.A.B. de CV (AHMSA) is the largest integrated steel producer in Mexico.

Altos Hornos de Mexico mine #7 started operating in 2012 at only 15% of its operational capacity. As the capacity increased, the impact cradles started to fail. Conveyors 7BC1 and 7BC2 had Continental Conveyor impact cradles installed, but the customer was interested in changing them because they were not holding up to the extreme operational conditions. These impact cradles started failing in the beginning when the operational capacity was only 15% and had already been fixed many times.


BEFORE: As the capacity increased, the impact cradles started to fail.

After a field inspection Martin Mexico recommended installing heavy duty Martin® Impact Cradles due to the extreme operation conditions and the application. Martin® Impact Cradles had been installed in other mines of Altos Hornos de Mexico so the customer was familiar with the product and knew these impact cradles would solve the problem. The impact cradles were installed by a crew from the MartinPLUS® Service technicians. The Martin® Impact Cradles bars feature a top layer of slick UHMW molded to a base of impact-absorbing SBR Rubber. Each impact bar is then reinforced with a steel support structure. The cradles also incorporate the Martin® Trac-Mount™ design concept making replacing the bars easier.


AFTER: The mine is now running at 100% with no issues.

The customer was very satisfied with the Martin® Impact Cradles. They withstood the extreme operational conditions and they are easy to install and maintain, making it safer for employees. The mine is now running at 100% with no issues. The Martin® Impact Cradles continue to absorb the impact from the load zone and providing more life to the belt. In addition, the conveyor is operating at its most efficient capacity making the customer very happy.


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