Transfer Point Solutions Correct Conveyor Belt Mistracking
Products Used ApronSeal™ Double Skirting HD , Tracker™
Product Types Used Transfer Point Solutions , Belt Alignment , Belt Sealing
Solutions Installation
Industry Coal-Fired Power
Customer Wyodak Generating in Gillette, Wyoming


The Martin® Tracker™ provides immediate, continuous precision adjustment of wandering conveyor belts.

Belt mistracking was leading to premature failure of the apron seal and therefore causing material to leak out. In an attempt to train the belt and prevent belt wander, the plant was constantly adjusting the conveyor belt at the tail pulley via the mechanical take-up. This was inefficient for the plant and the cost to replace prematurely-failing equipment was high.


MartinPLUS® Service Technicians have the tools, the training and the knowledge to meet your requirements.

MartinPLUS® Service Technicians installed a 48-inch lower Martin® Tracker™ XHD with lagged roller to track the belt before entering the tail pulley. The service crew also installed a Martin® ApronSeal™ Double Skirting HD to prevent material from spilling outside of the conveyor. MartinPLUS® Service Technicians also inspected and adjusted the belt cleaners to help improve carryback removal.


Martin® ApronSeal™ Skirting prevents spillage without requiring service to maintain an effective seal.

The belt is currently centered, eliminating all belt mistracking issues. The plant is pleased with the addition of Martin® Tracker™ and ApronSeal™ Skirting, as well as the performance and professionalism of the MartinPLUS® Service Technicians. According to Shawn Neidhardt, Plant Operations Supervisor, "we had tracking problems with this belt for a long time and the Martin® Tracker™ solved the problem. We are very satisfied with the results."


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