XHV Air Cannons Unplug Wet Bark At Paper Manufacturer
Product Types Used Air Cannon Solutions , Air Cannons
Solutions Installation
Industry Pulp and Paper
Customer Paper Plant in North Central USA


Martin® XHV Air Cannon is available in three valve sizes and ten tank sizes to accommodate a range of applications.

One of the largest specialty paper manufacturers in North America, handling 300 tons of wet bark per hour, began experiencing a plugged chute. This blockage not only decreased productivity, but also created safety concerns. Manually unplugging the chute took an estimated two hours per day, adding to maintenance expenses as well as putting workers in danger. The plant also tried using small vibrators on the chute to breakup the obstruction, but those failed.


BEFORE: Handling tons of wet bark per hour, the chutes were becoming plugged with material.

The plant chose Martin Engineering to provide and install two air cannons in hopes to keep material flowing along with creating a safer way to unplug the chute. The Martin® XHV Air Cannon offers outstanding performance at a modest price. Negative pressure firing provides effective performance in challenging applications with limited budgets. The cast aluminum "short stroke" piston and high-temperature polymer seal deliver extended service with low maintenance requirements.


AFTER: The new air cannons eliminated the bottleneck caused by the chute plugging.

Impressed with how much material the Martin® XHV Air Cannons could move, the plant is very satisfied with the recent installation and outcome. Production is back on track and the plant and its employees are enjoying a safer work environment.


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