Belt Alignment Products Prevent Excessive Wear And Extend Belt Life
Products Used Tracker™
Product Types Used Transfer Point Solutions , Belt Alignment
Industry Mining
Customer Minera del Norte Cemesa Iron Ore Mine, Mexico


BEFORE: Minera del Norte´s Cemesa iron ore mining unit was having serious belt tracking problems.

Located in north central Mexico, Minera del Norte´s Cemesa iron ore mining unit was having serious tracking problems with the conveyor belt leading from the primary crushing area. After drifting into constant contact with the frame, longitudinal tears formed on the belt, which reduced the usable width from 36 inches (914 mm) to 32 inches (812 mm). This caused spillage and lowered the production volume. The company was replacing the 170-foot (52 m) belt on a monthly basis, at a price of approximately $140 per meter. Personnel also had to be hired to inspect and report on misalignment, adding further to the expense.


AFTER: Martin installed four Martin® Trackers™.

Cemesa invited Martin Engineering to present a solution. After a comprehensive technical survey, the representative proposed installing four Martin® Trackers™ (two upper and two lower). Using the patented parallel steering/training system, the units automatically make continuous adjustments to the belt path, preventing it from drifting. Designed to withstand the stress associated with wider, thicker belts moving at high speeds and carrying heavy loads, the Martin® Tracker™ reduces edge damage, helping to prevent spillage and extend belt life.


Cemesa has expressed its satisfaction with the outcome of the project.

Nearly one year after the installation, operators report prolonged belt health, consistent alignment and no contact with the conveyor frame. Since loads have remained centered, spillage has been reduced and the company has withdrawn the extra staff. Cemesa has expressed its satisfaction with the outcome of the project and is aware of the benefits of implementing Martin Engineering´s products and solutions.


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