Power Plant No Longer Banging On Silos To Keep Coal Flowing
Product Types Used Air Cannon Solutions , Air Cannons
Industry Coal-Fired Power
Customer Cam Pha Power Plant in Vietnam


Martin® XHV Air Cannons provide effective performance by supplying a quiet but powerful discharge.

The Cam Pha Power Plant has a capacity output of 680 MW (4 x 170 MW) and started operation in early 2011. The plant has had a problem with blockage in the coal silo since it started operation and has manually solved the problem by hammering the silo walls. In some cases the blockage was very serious and completely stopped the flow of material inside the silo discharge. The plant has been running at reduced efficiency and has had to stop production to remove the blockage manually. The plant personnel started looking for an alternate solution and contacted Martin Engineering in hopes of solving the problem with the use of air cannons.


Plant personnel were using hammers to manually knock the material loose, damaging the silo walls.

To prevent blockages in the silo discharge, Martin Engineering determined the suitable locations for the Martin® XHV Air Cannons, working with the plant personnel to prevent other equipment damage. As a pilot project, the plant decided to install 12 Martin® XHV Air Cannons on one silo with two discharge locations.


Martin installed 12 air cannons at two discharge locations resulting in higher performance with no blockage.

The Martin® XHV Air Cannons release air blasts on the discharge area of the silo, breaking up and releasing materail built up and allowing for better material flow. The systems are performing with high-efficiency results and plant personnel have detected no blockage problems.


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