Air Cannons Release Swarf From Silos
Product Types Used Air Cannon Solutions , Air Cannons
Solutions Installation
Industry Metals
Customer Orkli S.Coop, Ordizia, Spain


The silo was completely blocked with swarf at the Orkli S.Coop metal plant.

Following the machining of various items such as taps and other parts, the swarf produced is stored in a number of silos. Once these silos are full, the swarf is unloaded onto trucks. The problern occurred when this swarf, being mixed with cutting fluid, could not be dislodged from the silo making it nearly impossible to unload. Vibrators and lances were used to move the swarf downwards, but the process was long and laborious.


Martin installed air cannons on the silos to keep the materials moving.

The customer had tried using vibrators, but these were ineffective, so they contacted Martin Engineering. Martin recommended the installation of air cannons. Martin installed three 4", 50-Liter Martin® XHV Air Cannons in each silo. The Martin® XHV Air Cannons provide effective performance by supplying a quiet but powerful discharge of compressed air to dislodge material buildups and enhance the flow of bulk solids.

Following the installation of air cannons, the swarf was released from the silos very quickly and it was possible to completely unload the silo.


Martin® Air Cannons improve flow from silos, bins, bunkers and storage vessels, by knocking down rat holes, blockages and buildups, to boost plant efficiency.

After repeating the procedure a few times, the material gradually moved downwards, until the silo had been completely emptied. The Martin® XHV Air Cannon's low maintenance requirements and high-velocity discharge make it suitable for use on high temperature applications and the most challenging materials.


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