Air Cannon Installation Results In 80% Fewer Stops For Cleanup
Products Used Hurricane Air Cannon , SMART™ Series Jet Nozzle
Product Types Used Air Cannon Solutions , Air Cannons , SMART™ Series Nozzles
Industry Steel
Customer Arcelor Mittal, France


A large steel facility in France had material accumulating along the ship unloading conveyor.

At the ship unloading conveyors at Arcelor Mittal in France, matter was accumulating along the belt and at the transfer points, which was reducing material flow. Arcelor Mittal had to increase the number of stops to manually clean up the material, generating fairly substantial additional costs.


Martin recommended the installation of Martin® Hurricane Air Cannons to move the material through the chute.

Arcelor Mittal contacted Martin Engineering. Martin recommended the installation of Martin® Hurricane Air Cannons on the back of the chute with a Martin® SMART™ Series Jet Nozzle programmed to fire every half hour.

Martin® Air Cannons improve material flow in silos, bins, bunkers and storage vessels, by knocking down rat holes, blockages and buildups, to boost plant efficiency. The Martin® SMART™ Series Jet Nozzle eliminated the time and cost of cutting holes and breaking refractory to replace worn out nozzles.


The solution was so successful, they are planning to add this solution to all of their transfer points in the facility.

After the first month, Arcelor Mittal reported an 80% reduction in the number of stops for cleaning. Additionally, Arcelor Mittal has started the process to add this solution to all of the transfer points experiencing similar problems.


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