Martin® Belt Cleaner Makes Replacing Worn Blades Easier
Product Types Used Belt Cleaning Solutions , Primary Belt Cleaners
Solutions Ongoing Maintenance
Industry Steel
Customer Steel Facility in France


A large steel plant was having trouble with carryback under the conveyor rollers causing offsets and blockages.

A large steel company developed a new facility on a former dairy processing site. The conveyors were equipped with belt cleaners with segmented carbide blades from Sandwick. The belt cleaners have not performed well. The site has had problems with carryback under the conveyor rollers causing offsets and blockages. Additionally, maintenance and service on the belt cleaners was very difficult.


Martin recommended and installed an extra heavy duty belt cleaner to tackle this tough job.

After consulting with Martin Engineering, the plant opted to install Martin® QC1™ Cleaners XHD. Martin® QC1™ Cleaners XHD tackle the tough jobs. Designed for rugged conditions, this sturdy cleaner features a one-pin blade change, making replacement of a worn blade a simple process, making service and maintenance much easier.


The Martin® QC1™ Cleaner XHD provides durable belt cleaning performance in challenging applications.

One month after installation of the new belt cleaners, the steel plant was completely satisfied and had replaced the remaining belt cleaners originally supplied on the site. Additionally, Martin has scheduled ongoing maintenance visits to service the belt cleaners.


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