Belt Cleaners Improve Safety and Efficiency At Cement Plant
Product Types Used Belt Cleaning Solutions , Primary Belt Cleaners , Secondary Belt Cleaners
Solutions Walk The Belt™
Industry Cement
Customer Cement plant in Suzhou, China


A cement plant in Suzhou China was having trouble with carryback on their conveyors feeding the clinker.

A cement plant was having trouble conveying gravel, gypsum, slag and other materials on the main conveyors feeding the clinker. Previously, they used less expensive brush-type cleaners, but they were ineffective. They had to stop once a day for manual cleaning, increasing operations costs. Additionally, there was significant spillage, creating dust and security risks.


Martin® SC16 Cleaner features resilient urethane blades to maintain effective belt cleaning pressure as blade wears.

They contacted Martin Engineering to help with the problem. Martin conducted an on-site inspection and worked with the customer to develop a plan to eliminate the excessive spillage and dust.

Martin China recommended a combination of the Martin® QC1TM Cleaner HD with the Martin® SC16 Secondary Cleaners. The combination of these cleaners eliminated the excessive carryback, reduced the material accumulation, and protected the conveyor belts from damage.


The Martin® QC1™ Cleaner HD provides durable belt scraper performance in challenging cleaner applications.

The superior performance of the Martin® QC1TM Cleaner HD with the Martin® SC16 Secondary Cleaners on the conveyor largely reduced the carryback and therefore reduced the number of hours spent manually cleaning the area, saving the plant time and money. Additionally, the amount of dust generated was reduced, improving air quality and reducing the risk to employees who had to manually clean the area. The customer stated, "In the past, we had to shut down the conveyor to clean the area every day, adding expense. Now we only have to shut down every five days or so for cleaning, sometimes longer, greatly reducing our on-site labor. Additionally, the working conditions have been greatly improved.”


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