Belt Misalignment Causing Structural and Belt Damage
Products Used Tracker™
Product Types Used Transfer Point Solutions , Belt Alignment
Solutions Installation
Industry Coal Mining
Customer Huaibei Mining Group, Luling Plant, Auhui, China


The Luling mine was experiencing belt misalignment on one of their conveyors resulting in heavy damage to the belt edge.

One of the conveyors at the Luling mine of Huaibei Coal Mining Group, carrying coal 50 meters, started experiencing problems. The belt became loose, ran askew and material was adhering to the corrective roller. This misalignment caused the belt edges to wear, reduced the life of the belt and increased spillage along the conveyor. These problems not only impacted the material handling efficiency but also increased the labor intensity, and created serious environmental pollution.


Martin Engineering installed Martin® upper Tracker™ and Martin® lower Tracker™ to correct the problem.

Martin technicians observed the misalignment and then selected the most suitable location to install a Martin® Upper Tracker™ and Martin® Lower Tracker™. The Martin® Tracker™ provides immediate, continuous precision adjustment of wandering conveyor belts, reducing edge damage, preventing spillage and extending the life of the belt. As the belt contacts the guide rolls, the torque are pivots the steering roll, causing the belt to track to the center of the conveyor structure.


The Martin® Trackers™ have corrected the alignment issues and have increase plant efficiency.

After installing the Martin® Trackers™, the belt is now aligned. The edge of the belt is no longer worn, extending the life of belt. The spillage problem has disappeared on both sides of the belt and the workers are spending less time adjusting the belt and cleaning up around the belt. The material build up is greatly reduced, and the environmental concerns are gone. The plant has significantly reduced its amount of unplanned downtime, while ensuring safe production and improved plant efficiency.


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