Flow Aid Solutions Result In Healthier Bottom Line
Product Types Used Air Cannon Solutions , Air Cannons
Industry Cement
Customer Votorantim Cimentos in Cuiabá and Rio Branco do Sul, Brazil


Votorantim Cimentos is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cement, concrete and aggregates.

Votorantim Cimentos is one of the World’s leading manufacturers of cement, concrete and aggregates building two new plants as part of a massive R$2 billion investment to enhance production throughout Brazil. These new plants are expected to produce approximately 8,500 tons of clinker per day between them. Starting in the early design stages of the project, Votorantim has maintained an intense focus on efficient material flow.


Air cannon valves from Martin produce twice the blast force of the previous valves, from half the compressed air volume.

Votorantim engineers wanted to make all reasonable measures to prevent accumulations in vessels and storage systems. So they contacted Martin to conduct an audit of the two processes, and a joint effort was developed to determine the optimum solution, including air cannon design, nozzle selection and specific locations to maintain high throughput. Martin specified 110 air cannons to facilitate material flow. Martin® Air Cannons work when compressed air in the tank is suddenly released by the valve and directed through a nozzle, which is strategically positioned in the tower, duct, cyclone or other location. The air cannon network can be timed or computer-controlled to best suit individual process condition and material characteristics.


110 air cannons are being installed in the two plants, covering preheater towers, additive silos and cyclones.

The benefits of specifying the new technology for air cannon networks include reduced energy costs, improved system performance and increased uptime, with greater availability of compressed air for other processes within the plant. All should contribute to a healthier bottom line, justifying the added up-front expense with a payback period that far exceeds the equipment’s expected lifespan.


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