Innovative Utility Uses Conveyor Guards As Proactive Safety Measure
Products Used Conveyor Guards
Product Types Used Transfer Point Solutions , Transfer Point Accessories
Solutions Installation
Industry Coal-Fired Power
Customer Midwestern USA


Martin Engineering installed 400 feet of guarding.

An innovative electric utility with an 80+ year history of delivering low-cost, highly reliable power wanted to implement proactive measures to make its plant safer and take steps to ensure greater OSHA compliance by installing safety guards around its high-speed conveyor system. The solution should be in keeping with the company’s reputation as one of the most safety-conscious electricity providers in the nation, with a long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship. 


Martin Engineering's guarding increases safety by restricing access to moving parts and pinch points.

After conferring with Martin Engineering representatives, operations engineers at the utility specified 400 feet of modular Martin® Conveyor Guards to protect employees from the fast-moving coal conveyors. The simple, cost-effective solution restricted access to moving parts and pinch points, yet could be easily removed for conveyor service. The user-friendly design of the new guards was provided by standardized panels that take a systematic approach to guarding, with the flexibility to fit virtually any conveyor design. Wedge clamps allow the guarding panels to be removed and reinstalled quickly and easily, so the system could be expanded or relocated as needed. 


The Martin® Conveyor Guards allowed workers to do their jobs with reduced risk and greater efficiency, while helping to ensure plant compliance with safety standards and regulations. The self-supporting guards feature a rugged modular design that was installed on a supplied angle iron structure, eliminating the need to attach directly to conveyor equipment. “The guarding looks great and beat the competition’s price for a comparable system,” said the firm’s Technical Service Team Leader. “I was also impressed by Martin Engineering’s installation capabilities.” 


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