Martin® Belt Cleaners Solve Spillage Issue In Copper Mine
Product Types Used Belt Cleaning Solutions , Primary Belt Cleaners
Solutions Installation
Industry Mining
Customer Copper Mine in Arizona


Spillage and carryback has always been an issue at the tail section of the conveyor. To correct the problem, Martin mounted two cleaners on the head pulley.

Spillage and carryback were accumulating at the tail section of one conveyor. This area could not be cleaned without shutting down the associated ball mill (which grinds copper ore) and locking out the conveyor. Several other manufacturers attempted to solve the carryback problems with no success. The plant even constructed its own homemade cleaners which eventually failed.


Martin® Primary Cleaner and a metal-tipped Secondary Cleaner

Martin installed two belt cleaners on the face of the head pulley. There wasn't enough room to modify the dribble chute to accommodate any secondary cleaners so two cleaners were squeezed into a very small area.


Upon successfully installing two belt cleaners on the face of the head pulley, within one week of operation, the belt was carryback free - for the first time ever. The satisifactory results have led the plant to upgrade other belts to this dual-cleaner system. They are also considering transfer point upgrades and service arrangements with Martin Engineering.


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