MartinPLUS® Silo Cleaning Corrects Ratholing In Cement Vessel
Solutions Silo Cleaning
Industry Cement
Customer Construction Service, Inc. Wilbraham, Massachusetts


MartinPLUS® Service Technicians cleaning a silo.

Cement had built up and hardened on the vessel’s walls. This produced a hardened rathole that slowed flow and reduced live storage capacity. A leaky roof had contributed to the problems. It was estimated that the buildup reached 20 tons of material in the bin.


The Martin® Heavy Duty Whip is used to safely and quickly remove hardened, non-flowing material from silo walls and feeders.

A two-man crew from MartinPLUS® Silo Cleaning Service used the Martin® Heavy Duty Whip and took two days to remove the buildup from the vessel walls. Working eight hours per day, the crew cleared over 16 tons of material from the vessel.


Plant Manager Jeff Toppin was very satisfied. “This was something that had to get done right away. We have other silos that we have to clean; they will be done in our downtime, during the winter season. The crew was very helpful and this was an excellent experience for all of us. We are very happy with everything that took place.”


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