Martin Vibration Products Replace Inadequate Competitor Vibrators
Products Used Whirlwind High-Frequency Turbine Vibrator
Product Types Used Vibration Solutions , Turbine Vibrators
Industry Cement
Customer California Portland Cement Company Colton, California


The heavy pneumatic vibrators used to assist the unloading of railroad hopper cars at the cement plant were noisy and risked back injuries.

Air powered vibrators used to boost material flow from the unloading railcars produced high noise levels. In addition, the heavy weight of these vibrators prompted concerns about injury to the operators who installed units on railcar outlets multiple times each day.


For railcar unloading applications, the Cougar® Whirlwind High Frequency Turbine Vibrator can be supplied with a wedge bracket.

The Cougar® Whirlwind High Frequency Turbine Vibrator provides up to 10,000 pounds (45 kN) of vibratory force to move bulk materials through tough applications like railcar unloading, feeding and material consolidation. With output of over 10,000 force pounds (45 kN), the Cougar® Whirlwind High Frequency Turbine Vibrator doubles the output of the most powerful competitive models. It produces noise levels from 6 to 10 dBA lower than competitive pneumatic vibrators.


Plant personnel evaluated the Cougar® Whirlwind High Frequency Turbine Vibrator, comparing unit weight and noise output, and observing its unloading performance in trial applications. Following the trial, the plant purchased three units. Operating personnel are pleasedwith their new equipment.


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