Martin® Maintenance Helps Steel Plant Overcome Regulatory Issues
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Industry Steel
Customer Companhia Siderurgica de Tubarao (CST) Vitoria, Brazil


CST is Brazil’s largest steelmaker.

CST, a major Brazilian producer of steel for domestic consumption and export, plant’s material handling conveyors suffered problems with dust and spillage. This fugitive material led to problems with neighbors and regulatory agencies.


Materials are stockpiled at CST’s facility in Vitoria, Brazil.

To resolve complaints from the nearby city of Vitoria, CST entered into a long-term contract with Martin Engineering's subsidiary in Brazil for the maintenance of its conveyor system. A unique requirement of the contract is that the subsidiary, Martin Engineering, Ltda., is also responsible for the cleanup of spilled and fugitive materials.


This CST-sponsored billboard honors the employees of Martin Engineering, Ltda. for working more than 900 days without a lost-time accident.

Working with CST management, Martin Engineering, Ltda. employees reduced environmental claims from several per month to zero. The quantity of spilled and fugitive material has been reduced from 8,000 tons per month to less than 3,000 tons per month.

With a more efficient material handling system, CST was able to add a second blast furnace without requiring additional capacity in its raw material storage yard, providing a huge savings in capital. Martin Engineering, Ltda. workers have earned every safety award offered by CST and recently passed 900 days of working without a lost-time accident.


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