Martin® Self Adjusting Skirting Faster And Easier To Install
Products Used Self Adjusting Skirting HD
Product Types Used Transfer Point Solutions , Belt Sealing
Industry Cement
Customer Lehigh Cement Company Union Bridge, Maryland


Installed on the clinker conveyor at Lehigh Cement, Martin® Self Adjusting Skirting has improved the effectiveness of the skirtboard seal while greatly extending the life of the sealing strip.

Abrasive clinker would rapidly wear out the skirtboard sealing strips, creating a severe spillage problem at the conveyor’s loading zone. The sealing system required replacement every three weeks.


Mounted on pivoting pressure arms, Martin® Self Adjusting Skirting floats on the belt, and automatically self-adjusts to maintain effective sealing pressure.

The Martin® Self Adjusting Skirting automatically adjusts to keep material on the belt and prevent loading zone spillage. Martin® Self Adjusting Skirting floats on the belt, maintaining sealing pressure without maintenance.

Supported on pressure arms between two steel plates, the rubber sealing strip rises and falls with fluctuations in belt travel to automatically maintain an effective seal. Martin® Self Adjusting Skirting is available in lengths up to 300 feet (91.4 m) to allow installation as one continuous strip without requiring a joint along a load zone.


Martin Engineering provided personalized performance by tailoring the Martin® Self Adjusting Skirting to provide improved corrosion resistance while remaining within the customer’s budget. Installation was simple and straightforward. Installation required less time than other skirting.

Sealing performance has improved over time, as the belt-to-rubber seal has "worn in" after installation. The customer has indicated plans to standardize on Martin® SelfAdjusting Skirting on all conveyors as time and budget allow.


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