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From: HeidelbergCement AG
Sent: 18.07.2014

IBS lndustriemaschinen Bergbau
Service GmbH
Her Link
lndustriestr. 15
97653 Bischofsheim/ Röhn


Reference letter for IBS Primary Belt Cleaner

Dear Mr. Link,

At our Leimen plant, we had a “problem conveyor” on which all cleaner systems that had previously been installed failed or did not attain satisfactory cleaning results; some systems were too large to be installed.

In December 2012, we installed an IBS front cleaner; after a short introductory phase, it demonstrated excellent cleaning results. We have been using it since then without any modifications.

The effort involved in maintenance is insignificant.

To the present day, we have had no need to adjust anything on the cleaner. In the meantime, we have installed five IBS front cleaners, and more are to come.

I recommend the cleaner very highly because the cleaning performance is very good and maintenance is almost not required.

Sincerely yours,

HeidelbergCement AG
Werk Leimen
i. A. Axel Kübler

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