Martin® High-Performance Urethane

Martin® Urethane Blade Benefits:

  • Manufactured in-house for highest quality assurance
  • Specially-formulated, color-coded urethane to suit application
  • Up to 35% more urethane in the wearable area than competitive blades
  • High-performance urethane ensures product satisfaction
  • Backed by our Absolutely-No-Excuses Guarantee
Urethane Color Durometer Application Conditions Temperature Range
83 Suitable for most applications, including abrasive conditions and exposure to solvents or oil. For use with materials such as coal, ore, bauxite, coke, refuse. Suitable for 80% or more of all applications. -20° to 180°F
(-30° to 80°C)
High Temperature
83 For use with high temperature materials such as clinker. Continuous
-40° to 300°F
(-40° to 150°C)

350°F (177°C)
Chemical Resistant
86 Improved resistance to chemicals and reduces water absorption for high moisture environments such as limestone. Best choice for applications exposed to chemicals with pH as high as 11 and as low as 4. -40° to 180°F
(-40° to 80°C)

86 For use with dry products such as sand and gravel. -20° to 180°F
(-30° to 80°C)

Navy Blue
90 For use with sticky or tacky products such as cement, glass and wood chips. -20° to 180°F
(-30° to 80°C)
64 Specially formulated for use as a squeegee blade on Martin® H2O Cleaner. (Not available in Primary Cleaner Blades.) -20° to 180°F
(-30° to 80°C)

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