Replacement Blades for Asgco® Skalper® Cleaner

Get a guaranteed perfect fit for your ASGCO® Skalper® primary cleaner with a 24% increase in usable blade volume.

Description Blade P/N Usable Blade Volume Per Inch Usable Blade
Volume Increase
Skalper® Primary Cleaner Blade ASG-SK4-XXA 5.25 in3


Martin® Retrofit Blade for Skalper® Primary Cleaner 36471-XXXXXX 6.53 in3

Select the Martin® Retrofit Blade that matches your needs:

Belt Width (in.) Blade Width (in.) ASGCO® Skalper® Blade P/N Martin® Retrofit Blade P/N*
18 12 ASG-SK4-12A-1 36471-181112
24 18 ASG-SK4-18A-1 36471-241118
30 24 ASG-SK4-24A-1 36471-301124
36 30 ASG-SK4-30A-1 36471-361130
42 36 ASG-SK4-36A-1 36471-421136
48 42 ASG-SK4-42A-1 36471-481142
54 48 ASG-SK4-48A-1 36471-541148
60 54 ASG-SK4-54A-1 36471-601154
66 60 ASG-SK4-60A-1 36471-661160
72 66 ASG-SK4-66A-1 36471-721166
78 72 ASG-SK4-72A-1 36471-781172
84 78 ASG-SK4-78A-1 36471-841178
90 84 ASG-SK4-84A-1 36471-901184
96 90 ASG-SK4-90A-1 36471-961190

Part numbers shown are for belt width minus 8 inches. Additional blade sizes available upon request. Part numbers above d not include slits or segments. If they are needed, the Martin® Retrofit Blade Part Number will need to be adjusted.

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