Replacement Blades for Arch Saber® (SCM) Cleaner

Get a guaranteed perfect fit for your Arch Saber® (SCM) cleaner with 13% more usable blade volume.

Description Blade P/N Usable Blade Volume Per Inch Usable Blade
Volume Increase
ARCH Saber® (SCM) Primary Cleaner Blade SCM-XX 3.06 in3


Martin® Retrofit blade for ARCH Saber® (SCM) Primary Cleaner 35885-XX11 3.45 in3

Select the Martin® Retrofit Blade that matches your needs:

Belt Width (in.) Blade Width (in.) ARCH Saber®
Blade P/N
Martin® Retrofit Blade P/N*
18 16 SCM-18 35885-1811
24 22 SCM-24 35885-2411
30 28 SCM-30 35885-3011
36 34 SCM-36 35885-3611
42 40 SCM-42 35885-4211
48 46 SCM-48 35885-4811
54 52 SCM-54 35885-5411
60 58 SCM-60 35885-6011
66 64 SCM-66 35885-6611
72 70 SCM-72 35885-7211
84 82 SCM-84 35885-8411
96 94 SCM-96 35885-9611

Part numbers shown are for belt width minus 2 inches. Additional blade sizes available upon request. Part numbers above do not include slits or segments. If they are needed, the Martin® Retrofit Blade Part Number will need to be adjusted.

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*Saber® is a registered trademark of Arch Environmental Equipment Inc. Paducah, KY.

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