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From: McCarthy, Mark
Sent: Friday, 4 October 2013 4:13 PM
Subject: Testimonial for Diagonal Belt Scraper

Hi Mike,

Please see testimonial below as discussed.

Given the nature of this site and the product being moved by conveyors, the build-up of dust, dirt and clay around conveyor head drums and along return rollers is a significant problem.

Without constant attention and cleaning, this build up can quickly result in premature belt failure.

In the past few months, we have trialled a new and quite radical approach to belt scrapers on this site.

This trial was on our Conveyor #37 which suffered badly from the effects of dust and wet material being deposited around the head drum and below the belt.

This area needed to be cleaned several times every week and could take up to 5 hours to clean by hosing the area down.

Since installing the new scraper design on this belt, there is never any build up to speak of and the requirement for cleaning has reduced to a 1 hour clean per month.

The labour cost for this cleaning has reduced from ~$17k per annum to ~$2k per annum.

A $15k saving year on year on labour alone.

Following the successful trial of this scraper. I plan to systematically work through many additional key conveyors on this site with this modification.

I have just completed the installation of an additional 2 scrapers of this design on our site and the results were instantaneous and pleasing.

The Cleanscrape system cleans the belt extremely well, guarantees uniform pressure across the belt surface (even with a heavily crowned head drum) and does not require constant adjustment to ensure optimum cleaning efficiency.

Their Sales and Installation team were very accommodating to the demands of a production environment and very easy to work with.

Great Job Guys.

MARK MCCARTHY Maintenance Superintendent  
Boral Cement
Description: Build something great

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