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From: J.Trekwalder
Sent: 18.12.2014

lndustriemaschinen-Bergbau-Service GmbH
zu HD. Herm Dieter Link
lndustriestr. 15
97653 Bischofsheim I Rhen


Dear Mr. Link,

Since the middle of 2013, we have been using CleanScrape pre cleaners, two of them in the exterior area/ wet area (main conveyor / gravel conveyor, stone quarry) and five in the interior area (reversing conveyor, wet cinder removal and used foundry sand).

These three cleaners achieve excellent cleaning results on our conveyors.

The intervals for cleaning by hand below the transfer points have been reduced by approximately 50%.

An additional secondary cleaner behind the drum is not required; if this is still present as a result of previous use, it will be retained for the time being.

We have not had any malfunctions since these CSP cleaners were put into use. The effort involved in maintenance is insignificant. We will order additional cleaners as needed.

We highly recommend the cleaners and look forward to a continuation of the good and successful cooperation with your company.

Sincerely yours,

Werk Karlsatadt,

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