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From: Ramp & Salzmann
Sent: 14.12.12

IBS lndustriemaschinen-Bergbau
Service GmbH
Herm Dieter Link
lndustriestr. 15
97653 Bischofsheim I Rhen


Reference letter IBS Cleaners 

Dear Mr. Link, 

For a long time now, we have been searching for a cleaner system that can reliably scrape our cohesive material from the conveyor, even under extreme weather conditions (high moisture and temperatures below freezing).

Since August 2012, we have been using the IBS pre cleaner at several locations in our dolomite plant. The system was installed on schedule and with a great deal of professional competence under the direction of Mr. Olf.

We are happy to confirm that the IBS cleaner completely fulfills our requirements and that we are very satisfied with the results. In particular over the last few weeks, which had snow and freeze-thaw cycles between day and night, the IBS cleaners were totally unaffected by these unfavorable conditions and performed their work reliably.

Maintenance is almost not required. It was possible to significantly reduce the scope of the cleaning work on the conveyor belts by using the IBS cleaner.

We highly recommend the use of this system. We are planning the installation of additional IBS cleaners.

Yours Truly,

Ramp & Salzmann
Gipswerk Uehrde GmbH & Co KG
Uwe Schridde

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