Washbox™ Cleaning System

Installed as a secondary cleaner along the conveyor's return run, the Martin® Washbox™ Cleaning System provides the ultimate in belt cleaning technology. Washbox™ gently spray-applies water for superior belt cleaning.

Features and Benefits:

  • The Martin® Washbox™ Conveyor Belt Cleaning System consists of a powder-coated steel enclosure equipped with 3 rollers, 4 spray bars, 4 inspection doors and 2 secondary cleaners.
  • Rather than "blast" material from the belt, the water softens the carryback.
  • Martin Engineering recommends the installation of a pre-cleaner on the face of the head pulley.


  • Suited for medium to heavy-duty applications, on belts from 18 to 84 inches (~400 to 2200 mm) operating at speeds up to 750 fpm (3.8 m/sec).


  • Single-cleaner and stainless steel washbox options available.
  • Martin Engineering’s color-coded high performance urethanes available to suit application.
  • Belt Cleaners available with tungsten carbide, stainless steel or urethane blades.

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Product Specifications

Belt Width Up to 84 in (up to 2200 mm)
Belt Speed Up to 750 fpm (up to 3.8 m/s)


Brochure - Belt Cleaning Solutions Download
Tech Data Sheet - Washbox™ Cleaning System Download
Operator Manual - Washbox™ Cleaning System Download

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Washbox™ Cleaner Eliminates Dust and Carryback on Long Overland Conveyor
A metal mine in the Western US with long overland conveyors was having trouble with dust and carryback. The mine had to work with a high altitude location which resulted in cold weather and low humidity, long conveyor length, sticky material capable of hardening like concrete, and limited water. It was determined that the overall operation would be better served with a system that washed the belt.
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Belt Cleaner And Washbox™ Reduce Carryback By 99%
An innovative Michigan power supplier wanted to reduce surface dust and airborne particles, and reduce cleanup time at its PRB coal operation. Coal at the facility is fed either by rail, with a dumper that inverts the car and empties it directly onto a feeder conveyor, or with front loaders working off stockpiles in the yard. Both methods have the potential to generate dust.
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Martin® Washbox™ Offers Unique Solution To Carryback Problem
Crushed molybdenum ore is transported to the processing plant on overland belt conveyors. As the conveyor passes through a preserve, the operation was concerned about the escape of carryback. To provide effective belt cleaning in the challenges of the operation’s high altitude and cold climate conditions, Martin Engineering developed a special belt washing station.
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