Modular Slider Cradle

The Martin® Modular Slider Cradle eliminates pinch points where trapped material can gouge or tear the belt and stabilizes the belt's path to improve sealing and tracking. Low-friction UMHW bars support belt edges to stabilize the belt line, eliminating belt sag and bounce. Proprietary "box" design allows each bar too be turned over to provide a second wear life.

Features and Benefits:

  • The Modular Slider Cradle features track-mounted sub-assemblies. The edge support bars and the center support roller slide into position on the track, making it quicker and easier to install and maintain the cradle.
  • The Modular Slider Cradle utilizes low friction UMHW bars to support the belt at the outside of the load-carrying area. This stabilizes the belt line, eliminating the sag and bounce that spill material and reducing the risk of catching lumps that can abrade the belt surface.
  • The low friction bars utilize a proprietary "box" design that allows the bars to be turned over to provide a second wear life from each bar. In the center of the cradle, idlers reduce the friction of carrying the loaded belt.

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