Air Cleaner

The Martin® Air Cleaner is a compact dust collector that is installed above conveyor transfer to capture airborne dust, collecting particles in a foam filter. A reverse pulse returns dust to the main cargo stream.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compact filters work better and last longer while consuming less energy than conventional filter bags.
  • Small size of improved filters allows effective collection with less air movement and smaller fan, reducing energy costs.
  • Small unit size allows use of Air Cleaner in areas where space limitations complicates installation of other collection systems.
  • Reverse pulse cleans filters; replacement of compact filter elements is a one-hand, no-tool procedure performed from the clean side of the collector.
  • Eliminates many of the problems with central “baghouse” collection systems, including long ducting runs, large enclosures, high power consumption and difficult maintenance.
  • Standard model is suitable for use with non-explosive materials in non-hazardous locations.
  • Optional model available for use with explosive materials in hazardous locations.
  • Can be used as stand-alone dust collector systems or to supplement existing central dust collection systems.

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Tech Data Sheet - Air Cleaner Download
Operator Manual - Air Cleaner Download
Drawing - Air Cleaner Assembly Download
Project Request Form - Dust Control Site Survey Download

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