Boot-Lift® Railcar Connector

Boot-Lift® Railcar Connector improves the speed and safety of connecting a hopper car to under-track systems, without workers crawling under the car and without losing material to wind or contamination.

Features and Benefits:

  • Boot prevents material loss, air pollution and contamination.
  • Boots are automatically connected.
  • Connector rises as railcar empties.
  • Unit uses only 1 cfm at 90 psi (28 l/min. at 6.2 bar).
  • Adapter plates allow interchangeability.


  • Double or single pocket, round-opening and GATX. 
  • Food-grade, stainless steel funnel available.

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Brochure - Railcar Unloading Solutions Download
Tech Data Sheet - Boot-Lift® Railcar Connector Download
Operator Manual - Boot-Lift® Railcar Connector Download
Drawing - Boot-Lift® Railcar Connector with Aligner Download
Drawing - Boot-Lift® Railcar Connector with Pneumatic Aligner Download
Application Data Form - Boot-Lift® Railcar Connector Download

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