N2 Technology Reduces Maintenance Time Around Conveyors
Products Used N2® Position Indicator
Product Types Used Belt Cleaning Solutions , Belt Cleaner Accessories
Solutions Mr. Blade® Program
Industry Aggregate
Customer Texas Frac Sand Supplier


A supplier of high-quality frac sand in Texas struggles to hire and retain good employees, which sometimes means the production crews have to operate short-handed. This forces some sacrifices, and belt cleaner maintenance tends to take a back seat to servicing gear boxes, drives and other critical assemblies. As a result, the conveyor belt cleaner blades were not being tensioned regularly or replaced as soon as the entire wear surface was consumed. Carryback and fugitive material were contributing to unnecessary abrasion of rollers and other moving parts. When the accumulation became severe enough, valuable manpower had to be committed to cleanup. Further, the spillage became lost cargo that was a drain on the company's profit.

Carryback and spillage required valuable manpower for cleanup that was needed elsewhere in the plant.


Mr. Blade technicians outfitted both production plants with Martin N2 Position Indicators, which monitors the condition of 54 primary belt cleaners at each site. All of the units were installed free of charge, and Mr. Blade now handles all monitoring and service, ensuring that the cleaners are properly tensioned and maintained for optimum performance and service life. As part of the Mr. Blade agreement, Martin will also repair or replace mainframes and tensioners as needed, at no cost to the customer. Data can be reviewed remotely via cell phone by the Mr. Blade technicians and plant management. There are no annual maintenance fees or add-on charges for access.

Mr. Blade technicians installed a total of 108 Position Indicators to record data and monitor the cleaners.


The Mr. Blade program has reduced the amount of time that plant personnel and Martin Service Technicians spend interacting with the conveyors, thereby reducing the possibility for injury. Before the Position Indicators and access doors were installed, the technician would typically spend two full days at each plant, physically checking the condition of each cleaner and servicing them as needed. With the PIs in place, he already knows the condition of each cleaner via remote monitoring when he arrives, and he can now go directly to the ones needing attention. With cleanup time virtually eliminated, customer manpower can be directed elsewhere.

The Mr. Blade program reduces interaction time with the conveyor, and manpower can be directed elsewhere.
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Martin® Belt Cleaners Reduce Carryback by 78%
A large fracking sand plant in Texas with 5MM TPY capacity was experiencing serious carryback issues on its main conveyor, with wet sand clinging to the belt. The material would either transfer to the bend pulley, fall to the ground or fall into the take-up pulley where it would damage the belt. Cleanup was needed almost every day, at times becoming so bad that the process would have to be shut down for maintenance.
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Mr. Blade Program Delivers Solution to Carryback Problem
The new Mr. Blade program from Martin Engineering assures customers of professionally installed replacement blades that are matched to their specific operating conditions for optimum cleaning performance and service life. Image Materials benefits from a consistent supply of freshly-molded, high-quality blades delivered directly from the factory and installed by a trained service technician.
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