Mr. Blade Technician Installs Durt Hawg Cleaner to Eliminate Carryback
Products Used Durt Hawg® DH2 Cleaner
Product Types Used Belt Cleaning Solutions , Secondary Belt Cleaners
Industry Aggregate
Customer Large Sand/Aggregate Operation


A large sand/aggregate operation had struggled for some time to obtain consistent belt cleaning on two stacker conveyors, primarily due to ever-changing splice and belt conditions. Although the wet sand did not wear out the urethane cleaner blades, rough splices would gradually damage them and cause an increasing level of carryback over time. While investigating the history of the facility and reviewing the types of cleaners that worked best, the Mr. Blade technician heard repeated mention of a design that utilized Martin's Durt Hawg arms and tips. These cleaners had been removed by plant personnel in the past and moved to another company-owned facility, leaving operations personnel to find a workable solution at a manageable cost.

Carryback was creating issues at the sand & aggregate processing plant, with spillage that needed cleanup.


On a routine visit, the Martin technician was able to access the conveyor during a temporary shutdown to secure accurate measurements and inspect the position and mounting where the previous cleaner had been installed. He found that the existing mounting location was a near-exact fit for a new Durt Hawg DH2 Cleaner. The design features tungsten carbide tips for high-volume cleaning and a sturdy main frame that delivers a long service life in difficult operating conditions. The resilient cleaning elements are engineered to absorb impact and allow splices to pass without damage to the belt or cleaner. In order to contain costs, it was decided that the plant's maintenance team would do the installation with the Mr. Blade technician supervising.

Rough splices were damaging the existing urethane cleaner blades over time, causing premature wear.


After running with the new cleaner for two weeks, operators report noticeably improved cleaning performance. Mounted in the secondary position, the unit's flexible cleaning elements deflect as splices pass to avoid damage, while the hardened steel tips scrape carryback from the belt before it can travel and drop off along the conveyor's return run. Maintenance personnel no longer need to spend significant time cleaning up accumulation, and material stays within the flow. Suitable for medium- to heavy-duty applications, the Durt Hawg can be ordered to accommodate belts up to 96 inches (2.4 meters) wide, travelling at speeds up to 750 fpm (3.8 m/sec).

The Durt Hawg DH2 provides an effective and durable alternative to the previous primary cleaners.
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