Belt Sealing Products Reduce Cleanup and Maintenance Costs
Products Used Self Adjusting Interior Skirting
Product Types Used Transfer Point Solutions , Belt Sealing
Solutions Installation
Industry Ports and Terminals
Customer Mt. Vernon Transfer Terminal Mt. Vernon, Indiana


The Mt. Vernon Transfer Terminal is located on the Ohio River near Evansville, Indiana.

Located on the Ohio River, the Mt. Vernon Transfer Terminal moves approximately 1.8 million tons of coal annually from trucks or railcars to barges for shipment to power plants. But excessive spillage from an underground belt below the railcar dumper increased cleanup costs and maintenance headaches. This conveyor is 84 inches (2083 mm) wide with an operating speed of 150 fpm (0.8 m/sec).


Available with rubber strips up to 300 feet (91 m) long, Martin® Self Adjusting Skirting provides a continuous joint-free seal.

Mounted on pressure arms that let the sealing strip float on the belt, Martin® Self Adjusting Skirting adjusts to maintain an effective seal despite fluctuations in belt travel or wear in the sealing strip. To prevent leaks of material at a joint between sealing strips, Martin® Self Adjusting Skirting is available in rubber strips up to 300 feet (91 m) in length, to provide a continuous joint-free seal.

This allowed the terminal’s feeder belt to be effectively sealed along its full 96-foot (29 m) length using only one rubber strip per side. The 48-inch (1219 mm) section of Martin® Self Adjusting Skirting Clamp Assembly allows rapid installation. A crew of four installed nearly 200 feet of skirting – 96 feet (9 meters) of skirting on each side of the conveyor – in less than five hours, not counting removal of previous system. The new six-inch (152 mm) height of Martin® Self Adjusting Skirting assembly made it easier to install the sealing in the close quarters around the belt feeder.


Martin® Self Adjusting Skirting works on conveyors with as little as 1.25 inches (32 mm) of free belt space outside the steel chute.

According to Jeff Hayden, coal handling manager at the Mt. Vernon Transfer Terminal, the installation of Martin® Self Adjusting Skirting significantly reduced the amount of cleanup around the conveyor. “We went from shoveling twenty wheelbarrows of material out of the tunnel after unloading a train, to removing just one wheelbarrow load of material.”


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