Martin® SHD Cleaner Now Considered Industry Standard In European Lignite Mines
Products Used SHD 1200 Series Cleaner , SHD 600 Series Cleaner
Product Types Used Belt Cleaning Solutions , Primary Belt Cleaners
Industry Mining
Customer Rheinbraun AG Erfstadt, Germany


Bucketwheel excavators and high-capacity conveyors are used in Rheinbraun’s lignite mining operations.

Rheinbraun is a major lignite mining company located near Cologne, Germany. The company operates several mines to supply over 100 million tons of lignite per year to mine-mouth power plants run by a sister company.

To reach the coal seams, the mines must move over 350 million tons of overburden per year. The mining method is open cast excavation using bucket wheel excavators and high-capacity conveying systems. Belts are up to 2.8 meters (10 feet) wide and travel at speeds up to 7.5 meters per second (1500 fpm). To control expenses, Rheinbraun wanted to extend the life of belt cleaning components while reducing the maintenance these systems required.


The Martin® SHD Cleaner is built to
stand up to fast belts and heavy material loads.

To help Rheinbraun reach its corporate goals for cost control and maintenance reduction, Martin Engineering developed a custom belt cleaning solution for the overburden belts, including a Martin® SHD Cleaner.


This rugged cleaning system has dramatically reduced cleanup costs while providing an average blade life of 11 months. The belt cleaning system, known as the Martin® SHD Cleaner, has become the industry standard in lignite mines across Europe, including Germany’s LAUBAG and MIBRAG operations and Hungary’s MATRA.


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