SHD 1200 Series Cleaner

The Martin® SHD (super heavy duty) Cleaner uses a massive urethane blade as effective primary conveyor belt cleaner (also known as a belt scraper) on wide, fast, high-speed conveyors with head pulley larger than 48 inches (1200 mm).

Features and Benefits:

  • Structural steel means no more bent mainframes, even with high tonnages and large lumps
  • Massive urethane blades provide up to 12 inches (305 mm) of wear life
  • Martin® SHD Conveyor Belt Cleaner and tensioner are designed together for effective cleaning and reduced service requirements
  • Patented "CARP" continuous angle curved blade provides effective cleaning across all stages of belt cleaner blade life


  • The SHD Conveyor Belt Cleaner is suited for super heavy-duty applications, on belts from 42 to 120 inches (~1000 to 3000 mm) operating at speeds up to 1500 fpm (7.5 m/sec)
  • To achieve constant angle geometry pulley diameter, blades are available in two heights. Use 1200 series blade for pulleys 48 inches in diameter or larger or 600 series blades for pulleys smaller than 48 inches.


  • Martin Engineering’s color-coded high performance urethanes available to suit application
  • Available with Turnbuckle Tensioners to be installed on both sides of the head pulley

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Product Specifications

Belt Width Up to 120 in (up to 3000 mm)
Belt Speed Up to 1500 fpm (up to 7.5 m/s)
Pulley Diameter More than 48 in (more than 1200 mm)
Temperature Between -30 degrees F and 300 degrees F
Corrosive Conditions Yes
Underground Applications Yes
Compatible with Reversing Belts or Roll Back Yes
Accommodates Mechanical Splices Yes


Brochure - Belt Cleaning Solutions Download
Tech Data Sheet - SHD 1200 Series Cleaner Download
Operator Manual - SHD 1200 Series Cleaner Download
Manual de Operaciones - Raspador Martin® SHD y Tensionador (Español) Download
Drawing - SHD 1200 Series Cleaner with Spring Link Tensioner Download
Replacement Parts - SHD 1200 Series Cleaner Download

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