DT2H Reversing Cleaner XHD

The Martin® DT2H Reversing Cleaner XHD secondary conveyor belt scraper features rugged blades installed on a track that slides into cleaning position on a rigid steel mandrel.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduces plant cleanup chores and prolongs life of conveyor components
  • Mandrel allows quick-and-easy belt cleaner blade replacement to increase conveyor availability
  • Individual belt cleaner blade segments slide into sturdy track-forming cartridge. This cartridge slides over stainless steel mainframe into cleaning position. The split-track cartridge design allows simple belt cleaner blade removal even with material accumulation


  • Suited for heavy-duty applications, on belts from 18 to 96 inches (~400 to 2400 mm) operating at speeds up to 1200 fpm (6 m/sec)


  • Martin Engineering’s color-coded high performance urethanes available to suit application
  • Blades available in tungsten carbide reversing blade, In-Line tungsten carbide blade or urethane reversing blade
  • Martin® Air Tensioner or Spring Tensioner available

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Product Specifications

Belt Width Up to 120 in (up to 3048 mm)
Belt Speed 1200 fpm (up to 6.1 m/s)
Temperature Between -30 degrees F and 300 degrees F
Corrosive Conditions Yes
Underground Applications Yes
Compatible with Reversing Belts or Roll Back Yes
Accommodates Mechanical Splices Yes


Brochure - Belt Cleaners Download
Tech Data Sheet - DT2H Reversing Cleaner XHD Download
Tech Data Sheet - Martin® Mounts & Brackets Download
Operator Manual - DT2H Reversing Cleaner XHD Download
Drawing - DT2H Reversing Cleaner XHD Split-Track with Reversing Blade and Spring Tensioner Download
Replacement Parts - DT2H Reversing Cleaner XHD Download

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Client Tests Martin Belt Cleaners In Side-By-Side Comparison
At an agglomeration plant in Peru, plant management wished to compare the performance of competitive belt cleaning systems. The plant operates parallel (redundant) conveyor systems that carry approximately the same material load on the same operating schedule. Installing competing belt cleaners on the side-by-side conveyors allowed the plant to compare belt cleaning results.
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Martin® Belt Cleaners Minimize Downtime For Cleanup
PT Antam Mining of Indonesia had inadequate belt cleaners causing belt damage, spillage and carryback on a reversing belt within the mine. The previous equipment did not keep a seal across the belt profile. Incomplete cleaning caused excessive carryback and spillage along the return belt path, increasing the need for cleanup.
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New Belt Cleaner Saves 24 Hours Per Week In Cleanup Time
An aggregate facility handles 1.5 million tons of limestone per year. After experiencing excessive carryback on their existing conveyors, they wanted to make sure to address the issue when adding a new conveyor. The plant spent 16 to 24 hours per week cleaning up. There was also excessive damage to the conveyors.
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